Mrs. Nesmith’s 21st Anniversary Party


Photos by Hannah McClain & Madison Paul

Wednesday Oct. 25, Mrs. Nesmith’s Advanced Placement French class threw a surprise celebration for their teacher’s twenty-first anniversary of coming to the United States of America from France.


The class put together a celebration with snacks as Nesmith shared stories about her adventures while coming to America. She explains how she met her husband here and has been given so many fun opportunities, such as working at Mountain Vista.

“My favorite thing about her [Mrs. Nesmith] is her dance moves when she plays French songs because they are iconic,” Schreiber said. “You haven’t lived until you have seen Mrs. Nesmith dance.”

Nesmith was married in France, then moved to America in October 1996. While in France, she taught French for two years where she established a great bond with her students.When she decided to come to America, her students were sad to see her leave as were her family who still live in France to this day.

“We are so thankful that she came because if she didn’t we wouldn’t have a French teacher that we love,” Senior Nadia Schreiber said.

While she may have left her former students back in France, since then Nesmith has established even stronger bonds with her students here at Vista.

“She’s really nice and supportive and genuinely cares about the success of all of her students,” Schreiber said. “She spends a lot of time really getting involved with our lives outside of class which makes class a lot more personal.”