Omission of the Truth

Omission of the truth: when a person tells most of the truth, but leaves out a few key details that, therefore, completely obscures the truth. In the fantasy novel, A Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah J Maas, Feyre is a human girl struggling to survive in a harsh society that discriminates against the poor and rewards the rich. She is taken from her home by Tamlin, the High Lord of the Spring Court, to fulfill a promise. The time she spends there is filled with mystery as to why the Spring Court is cursed. Tamlin hides the full truth leading to Feyre needing to solve the riddle. Feyre’s character influences her choices by causing her to hate faeries, being led on by old folk tales, and then fighting for what she loves.

One’s character is truly shown in a fight or flight scenario. While Feyre is hunting she says, “Despite his size, he looked like a wolf, moves like a wolf. Animal, I reassured myself. Just an animal” (Maas 5). The quote leads to exposing how the wolf was a faerie, but she doesn’t care. In that instance, she chose to fight against those she thinks oppress her without knowing the facts. This fact leads her to breaking the treaty and makes her go to the Spring Court. After she is captured by Tamlin, secrets about the faeries are told to her by Lucien, Tamlin’s advisor, such as, “Iron doesn’t affect us. That was a lie we told the humans. Along with telling them we could not tell lies” (Maas 153). This causes Feyre to trust the faeries even less. She feels betrayed and chooses to create a metaphorical shield around herself. Tamlin and Lucien get her to open up as they spend more time together. Just as their relationship began to grow, Tamlin and Feyre returned to her family to keep her safe from the curse. She is now torn to save her family from the curse, or save Tamlin. Her sister, Nesta, convinces her to go by saying, “You would do anything for him. You would go to the ends of the earth… We don’t need you here” (Maas 251). Although Nesta’s words seem harsh, they tell Feyre she doesn’t have to worry about her family. Nesta allowed her sister to choose her love, to be happy.

By hating the faeries, being misled by other’s stories, and choosing to save the people she loves, Feyre’s character changed throughout the story and greatly influences her choices. Feyre becomes stronger because of the traumatic experiences she has gone through. She is choosing her happiness over a burden of her family she has been carrying for 17 years. She has had to sift through the lies she has heard from childhood allowing her to no longer omit the truth from herself; to discover who she truly is.