Mother Nature’s Fight through COVID

Jeanna Park, Staff writer

For the past few years, Covid-19, a massive virus, has shut down schools, stores, and even the opportunity to go outside. Many lives have been impacted in numerous negative ways.  Covid-19 has also affected the way many people live and how human beings view each other’s perspectives of the world, especially surrounding mother nature. Garbage has been taking over earth’s landscapes  for as long as humans can remember and, after Covid arrived, it only became worse. 

For the last past year, more than eight million tons of plastic waste from Covid has been produced; 25,000 of pounds of that has entered the ocean. Store purchased reusable and disposable masks, latex gloves, and other essential items are dumped in many wildlife areas. Although there are many terrible things that have ruined the planet as a whole, Covid also has had some positive outcomes. 

During Covid, people had restrictions and weren’t able to go anywhere which led to less transportation from cars and other fuel running engines. Popular cities, such as New York, went almost silent during the pandemic and allowed nature to temporarily heal. Slowed movement on social and economic activities has led to much better air quality in many countries around the world. As a result, many people who live in the city got to see clear skies for the first time. Pollution in water sources has also had a significant reduction creating more clean water as well as an improved lifestyle and climate for millions of people. Although Mother Nature experienced some temporary positive outcomes during the pandemic, the aftermath of this virus will see an overall increase in waste and pollution.