A Dream Come True


Clara Lynch

Lights shining, people cheering and music filling the air. The Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps take the field ready to perform the show of a lifetime. Founded over 60 years ago by Mr. Jim Jones, the Troopers strive to provide a youth activity with positive educational experiences and promote the growth and development of specific life skills, as stated on their website.

“[The Drum and Bugle Corps] is essentially a professional marching band,” Martin Faut, 11, said. “You go for an entire summer to tour around the country, performing show after show. You usually have about 40 performances.”

This year, Faut was accepted to be a part of the Troopers. A tedious auditioning process, Faut spent many weekends traveling and participating in musical auditions

“I wanted the challenge,” Faut said. “I wanted to just march more. Marching band is kind of the thing that I really liked to do so doing it for an entire summer sounded like a dream.”

Preparing for the Troopers was no easy task. Faut put in hours of training to prepare both his mind and body. 

“It was a lot of weight training,” Faut said. “Tubas are heavy, so I had to do a lot of just working out and physical exercise in order to get ready. But I also had to memorize a good amount of music.”

Becoming a part of the Troopers has been a goal for Faut for a while. 

“I went to an event called Drums Along the Rockies a little while ago,” Faut said. “And that’s when I kind of first understood what it was but I’ve known about it forever because my dad used to want to do it.”

The Troopers is a big commitment that requires lots of dedication. 

“It will be my day-to-day life for about three months and then I’ll come back to Vista’s marching band right after,” Faut said. 

Overall, Faut most looks forward to the excitement that comes with being part of a team.

“It’s just gonna be so much fun,” Faut said. “As soon as you get into the rhythm of it, it’s just gonna be hanging out with your homies and playing the tuba.”

All photo courtesy of Martin Faut