Teaching Black History


Camrynn Robertson

This year, the Diversity Club took on the responsibility of celebrating and teaching students about Black History Month.

Maya Turlapaty, 9, said the club developed a plan to highlight many aspects of Black History throughout the month. 

We are planning a Diversity Day, hanging up Black History Month posters, planning a video showcasing Black students, posting [Instagram] posts highlighting influential Black figures and putting together a Black History Month playlist,” Turlapaty said.

The club’s actions were not just an effort to spread information about Black History, but also to spread a message. 

“An effort made to learn and listen to another person you can’t relate to is one of the most important things needed in order for unity to truly begin to form,” Liyah Lott, 11, said. “Nobody’s going to be perfect, and people will be scared to step out of their comfort zone, but that’s what is going to have to happen in order for change to come about.”

To make this day as big as possible, the Diversity Club had to team up with other forces. 

“We are planning some of these things with Student Leadership,” Turlapaty said.

The Diversity Club’s focus is about supporting student’s differences and cultures. 

“I learn a lot from the different cultures,” Lott said. “And gain insight on many different perspectives.”