Wellness Wednesday


Brooke Kubosh

NHS kick off thoughtful Thursday by having students write words of encouragement to each other. “[we want to spread positivity and show] we all have the same heart,” Francis Meehan, 12, said. These notes of positive things were taped onto lollipops and given out at the end of the day.

Joshua Romero

Wednesday Morning, Vista’s Environmental club and Science National Honor Society hand out free stickers to students walking in through the front doors in the morning

At the start of every class, an announcement was made by the environmental club and Science NHS to give facts and information about the earth’s wellness and how students can take action.

During both lunches, a student lead trash pick-up took place outside the cafeteria in the courtyard. Students volunteered to help pick up trash around the school to help beautify the campus. Interactive activities were present throughout the day to help show the connection between nature and wellness.

To end the day the environmental club waved goodbye and hope that removing some trash from the environment can help improve the quality of life for people and animals.

As a part of Wellness Week, Student Leadership and MV Farms set up a salad bar for the teachers during lunch on Nov. 11. Student Body President, Ryan Kim, 12, helps chop salad for the teachers prior to the event. “My favorite thing was just the teamwork, that all the members helped out,” Kim said. “It was a big task and I think that everyone was able to work together and we were able to get [everything prepared] real quick.” Along with the salad, the teachers also received a succulent. Photo by: Danica Bradshaw
AP environmental science students including Benjamin Tejera, 11, and others work hard to create a scarecrow made out of recycled materials. “Mrs. Schwendeman has a giant tub of recycled things she’s collected over the entire year and we made the scarecrow out of the things we found,” said Tejera. It only took them around an hour and a half to complete the structure. (Danica Bradshaw)

With the wind nipping at her nose, Addison Stephens, 10, fights through the wind storm to aid her fellow students in the lunchtime clean up on Nov. 10. “It’s just been more of a positive week at our school,” Stephens said. “I liked all of the athletic fairs [that came to visit].” Stephens thought Wellness Week was fun, especially with the different activities that happened throughout the week. (Ariana Feichko)
Looking out to the horizon, Andrew Easton, 12, scans the surrounding land for any piece of trash that might have escaped previous volunteers on Nov. 10. “It’s awesome to see everybody taking time out of their day to help [clean up] the campus and [improve] the overall morale of the school,” Easton said. Easton loved seeing people coming together and focusing on mental and physical health, something he had seen in previous Wellness Weeks. (Ariana Feichko)