Racing In the Blood – Brody Moore

Andrew Marsh

Dale Earnhardt, Kyle Busch, and Bill Elliott. All  are some of the most famous NASCAR drivers to ever drive on the track. They all have to start from somewhere. For Brody Moore, those cars he started with involve ones even the size of the famous NASCAR cars used on track today. 

“I raced a junior late model and a pro late model which is a 602 crate engine that is about 375 horsepower,” Moore said.

While he may race these at Colorado National Speedway which is located in Dacono, Colorado, Brody sometimes travels out of state to race too. 

“And I race those out in California [also],” Moore said.

Traveling just for racing can produce varied emotions in a driver not expected before actually reaching the track.  Racing can be intense and scary at some times for drivers but for Brody, he finds more than just the cars to look forward to when going out on any track day. 

“I probably most look forward to hanging out with friends at the track, it’s a great kind of racing family,”  Moore said. 

Racing is also a tremendous responsibility to every driver before and after they step on the track. Eric S. Gunderson, the Chief Instructor for Apex Predator Driver Development LLC, tells it how it truly is on track for Brody.

“It’s a tremendous amount of responsibility. There’s a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of effort that a full team of people is spending so that you can go and drive and succeed,”  Gunderson said. 

Many drivers can let that creep into their head one way or another which can have a huge effect on their driving skills on track. It can be a very difficult task to have a constant stance of high mental fortitude.

“I think shouldering that responsibility, and handling it with grace and handling it well, is probably the hardest part,” Gunderson said.

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