Changing Direction


AJ Magill, Editor In Chief

Warning: extreme spoilers for the Batman 2022 ahead. 

The long awaited Batman movie has officially been released. To say I’m speechless in the best way possible would be the understatement of the year. The characters, color grading and the story were everything I hoped it would be and more.

The movie isn’t just for new Batman fans, but for original comic readers as well. Instead of the usual flashy action movie, DC reverted back to the vigilante detective story many know well and love.

A new side to the Riddler is shown in the first scene by actor Paul Dano. The comic villain is characteristically flashy and bold, whereas this version is a more truly psychotic, murderous Riddler.

Fear was stricken into the hearts of viewers with the beginning scene of Riddler stalking a family, and standing in the shadows as the current mayor remains clueless. Startling everyone with a brutal murder, the tone of the movie is set: dark and dangerous.

The first sign of Batman’s presence within Gotham is with the signature bat symbol illuminating the night clouds. Low life criminals of Gotham look into the shadows with fear written in their expression, waiting and expecting the vengeful hero to show himself. A gang is the first unsuspecting victim of Batman showing his brutal fighting style.

With this initial murder of the mayor spiraling into bomb threats and mob violence, the movie shows Bruce Wayne’s intelligence as the detective who works in the shadows.

Selena Kyle, also known as Catwoman, is introduced while Batman is interrogating the Penguin about a girl who works in the Iceberg Lounge. Catwoman is roommates with the girl they are talking about. 

The Bat and Cat duo are not together throughout most of the movie, but they help each other when it’s most important.

After the Riddler’s last blow, Selena sacrifices her safety to help Batman protect the city, getting in the middle of an active shooting in  City Hall.

The movie ends with Batman helping the victims of Gotham and becoming a beacon of hope (with use of lighting and shadow angles) to the citizens of Gotham, rather than a figure who works in the shadows.

Since the movie takes place two years after Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, he and future commissioner James Gordon make drastic mistakes in their detective work. The only reason the shooting in City Hall was able to happen was because Batman missed key clues when investigating.

Although this may be frustrating to some viewers, it allows for much growth in the character since he is so young. Throughout the movie, however, Bruce Wayne shows his cunning and quick thinking with the Riddlers cryptic clues he can solve fairly quickly.

The Riddler was the perfect beginning villain for Wayne to deal with because of what the Riddler took Batman through. The Riddler showed the raw and unfiltered broken nature of Gotham that Batman made his mission to correct.

Matt Reeve’s direction with Batman is a different take than any other production of this beloved comic book character, and fans are here for it. The sequel is not yet confirmed, but with the film already grossing $130 million, it’s safe to say Robert Pattinson’s story as Batman is far from over.