Tuesday Wish Week Recap


It’s Wish Week day two, Feb. 8, and royalty floods the hallways. Kings and Queens alike flock to each class for the King and Queen dress-up day, representing Walter’s love for his favorite game, Chess. Once the school day came to a close, Key Club hosted a spaghetti dinner in the Vista cafeteria, followed by the Unified basketball game, ending with a victory for the team.  The Unified team was victorious over the Vista varsity baseball team and some rogue teachers who suddenly appeared on the court. 

Later that night, Boys varsity basketball finished off the day with a game that had students and fans on the edge of their seats. Packed in like sardines, starting around 6:30pm, students quickly filed into the stands of the Mountain Vista main gym to watch the Vista vs. Heritage game. The senior night game finished with a score of 58-53. Some highlight moments from #11 Radek Homer,12, and #2 Nick Stone,12, and #22 Caden Stevens sent the crowd into a frenzy as the game came to a close.

Meanwhile, the girl’s basketball team played at Heritage and left their mark. They defeated the Heritage Eagles with a score of 53 – 28.

Throughout the day and before the game, students were encouraged to visit Wish Week sponsors, Nicolo’s Pizza and Crumbl Cookie to enjoy a fresh meal or snack as well as Cold Stone for a cold treat after the game.


Queen for the day
Senior Kate Roscoe dresses for the day. The theme was King and Queen because Walter’s favorite game is Chess.
Basketball excitement
The game was a standup the entire game type of event. The stands were filled with Vista students hollering for every terrific shot, uncalled foul and exciting last moments. Photo by : Makena Wong
Unified Win
One of the most anticipated events of the night is alway the Unified basketball game. This year the team took on the baseball team (and some random, rogue teachers) and still managed to add a win to the Unified record.  Photo by : Cammy Robertson
Food Fun
Kids gathered before the Unified and Boys’ basketball game at Vista to enjoy the Key Club Spaghetti dinner. Photo by : Maddie Schmitzer