Clinton Cane Concert Review

Sam Mircetic

Just early last month on Mar. 8, Clinton Kane paid a visit to the Lost Lake Lounge in downtown Denver. The show drew a full crowd of around 550 fans of the Australian pop/rock singer. To open for the headliner was a Denver local guitarist and vocalist, who got the crowd going with his comedic relief and musical talent. The crowd anticipated Clinton’s reveal, which was stunning in its electricity and emotion, every screaming girl falling more in love with the artist as he spoke and sang. 

A fairly new and upcoming artist, Kane performed his few but well known and loved songs, as well as multiple new ones that got the crowd excited for the album to come. With an energetic and upbeat sound to his set, the small but full venue was shaking with song, laughter and jumping. 

Lost Lake Lounge is an intimate bar and concert hall that opened in 2010. For 12 years after its opening, the venue has hosted many underground and up incoming artists such as Kane himself. 

I highly recommend popping by for a show and Shirley Temple the next time you’re able to find tickets. The close up and personal experience provides for an interaction with the artist unlike any large arena or ballroom ever could.