Bloc Party & Corbu Review

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Bloc Party & Corbu Review

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English, Indie Rock band, the Bloc Party and Corbu performed at the Ogden Theatre on Sep. 13, where they introduced a variety of songs and sounds to the audience.

“[The music] fuses psychedelia, sync pop and an adventurous tendency toward experimentation. The results really are beautiful.” Music blogger Drunkenwerewolf said.


Corbu, the name coming from the Swiss architect Le Corbusier, was relatively a young band who began as a solo project for lead singer Jonathan Grave.

While I was writing the first songs for this band, my girlfriend was in architecture school. I was going through it with her, reading her textbooks and taking it all in, and it changed the way I saw everything,” Grave said. “Corbusier has his pros and cons as an architect, but I loved the way “Corbu” sounded.

The band warmed up the crowd with songs from their new album “Crayon Soul” while wearing a t-shirt that had a special square design on it.

“The squares on our shirts are from the story we wrote to go along with our album,” Grave said. “The characters have suits that enable them to see the unseen connections between all living things when that ability is active, the square on their chest glows.”

Playing for the first time in Denver was rivity for Corbu.

“It feels like the best parts of Pittsburgh crossed with California. I can’t say good enough things about it, it’s beautiful,” Grave said. “The air feels amazing, and everyone we met was so friendly.”

After a 45 minute pre-show, the crowd was warmed, pumped and ready to rock. The stage was now open for the main event, the Bloc Party.”


The Bloc Party has released five studio albums and has been apart of the music industry for 17 years. Fans love them because of their unique sound and techniques. They made their debut with the album “Silent Alarm” which is still one of their most popular albums to date.

When lead singer and guitarist, Kele Okereke came on stage followed by drummer Louise Bartle, bassist Justin Harris, and guitarist Russell Lissack the crowd went crazy. There were screams from everywhere and all fans wanted to be seen by their idols.


Without wasting any time they began the show with the song “Only He Can Heal Me” from their new album “HYMNS.” This song, set the tempo for the rest of the night. Although the Bloc Party was struggling with the high altitude, their humor remained intact.


“I’m not sure if it’s only because of the high altitude or if it’s because of the weed I smell but I feel kind of tired and nice,” Okereke said.

After playing multiple hit songs from their albums, the crowd was so electric they performed an encore.


For anyone who wants to experience a new form of music, I recommend “The Love Within,” “Helicopter,” “Luno” and “Octopus.