Mountain Vista Creative Arts Performance Night Preview

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At 7 p.m tonight, students and staff members of Mountain Vista High school will present a showcase of original music and poetry. The event will be free of charge and will be held in the Vista auditorium. The event will also be streamed live on The Cube:

The lineup for the night is as follows.

Author/Musician Title of Piece
Mr. Jason William Fisher “Deadbeat Daddies”
Victoria Bowman “To the person who comes across this”
Darcy Smith “I’m Sorry”
Justin Schroeder “Confusion”
James Beaudreau “Distance”
Shayan Zarrin “Original Composition”
Kit Miller “Ode to McDonald’s
Sean Donahue “Pieces”
Val Urquhart “Moving Objects”
Shira Weiser “Unwanted Guest”
Jacob Meyer “Farewell Eugene”
Mr. Michael Weaver “The Periwinkle Penguin”
Kira Amels “Attention”
Gracie Wilson “Just Another Dead Man”
Emily Ireland “Purpose”
10 Minute Intermission
Mr. Josh Brandt & Ms. Staci Stech “Choices” A Ploem in One Act
Jenny Brenner “Shattered”
Ethan Gregoire “I’ll Never be Innocent Again” (A Cautionary Tale)
Natalie Vail “Mayday Mayday”
Vito Lella “The Bath”
Quinn Arthur “Finally Free”
Charis Beth Swartley “The Itsy Bitsy Spider Crawled Down My Throat”
Taylor O’Leary “Biracial”
Bryn Tillman “Broken Soliloquy”
Doug Truscott “Original Composition”
Delaney Traynor “Two Types of Jellyfish”
Mark Twal “Silence”
Kaitlynn Husovsky–with music on phone “Wallflowers With No Wall”
Avery O’Daniel “Untitled”
Brandon Moore “Trapped”
Red Henderson “Closed Doors”