Emily Huff: International Career Development Conference


Photo courtesy of Emily Huff



It takes 50 states, as well as a few extraneous countries like Canada, Puerto Rico, China and Japan, to represent the chapters in the worlds largest Distributive Education Clubs of America, DECA, competition. The International Career Development Conference, ICDC, is a business-based club featured in high schools where students compete in a role-play business scenario that is given on the spot, or a prepared presentation that is presented to judges as a different challenge.

Since her start of DECA in her freshman year, senior Emily Huff, has qualified for the two times but this year was her first time being able to compete at ICDC in Restaurant and Food Services.

“[Restaurant and Food Service Management] means that I am given a business scenario revolving around the marketing and management of restaurants,” Huff said. “I get 10 minutes to prepare my materials based on the scenario and answer five major questions and then I present to a judge, who is typically a business professional.”

Huff has always had an interest in business and knowing her sister, Abbey Huff, and friends Teagan Haberkorn, Meghan Maleri, and Kate Albi were either already in DECA or wanting to join, Huff decided to follow along. Each member has to choose a category that they will compete in. Huff chose Restaurant and Food Services.

“I chose to compete in this category because I love how fast paced it is,” Huff said. “I work at a restaurant so I am able to use my knowledge that I learn from DECA and Nicolo’s Pizza together.”

This year 10 participants made it to ICDC but Huff was the only one to make it to the finals.