Speaking Out Through Art

Speaking Out Through Art

August 20, 2017

Summer 2016 Trends

May 3, 2016

Mountain Vista Students Help Change the World One School at a Time

July 28, 2015

KIT MILLER From June 12 to June 29, 17 students from Mountain Vista traveled to Europe to solve the answer to a daunting question: "How do we define success in a global society?" To find the answer, they volunteered for ...

The Final Push

April 15, 2015

KELSEY PHARIS With the last month of school already underway, many students are feeling a mix of excitement and stress as they not only push for a good final grade but also look forward to summer vacation. Seniors are the...

Mountain Vista Summer School Information

April 14, 2015

Mountain Vista High School will be running a summer school. Teacher taught classes will be available in June and online classes will be available in June and July. The teacher taught and online June sessions will run from...

Top 5 Movies to See Over Summer

May 28, 2014

REAGAN FITZKE // HAYLEY MUSTIN This summer, several movies are making their way to the big screen. With the extra time over break, there are a lot of opportunities to go to theatres with friends. Here are a few recommendations of u...

Top Five Cheap Things To Do Over The Summer

May 23, 2013

1. Go to the Denver Art Museum.  It is $3 for kids six to 18 if they live in Colorado.  It is a cheap and fun way to see amazing modern art or old artifacts. You can take your friends to the museum and then meander around downtown...

Five Movies to Watch Over Summer

April 30, 2013

MICHAEL O’SULLIVAN  With summer right around the corner, the season of summer movies can be eagerly anticipated by students of all tastes.  Here are five films that are sure to warrant your attention in the upcoming mon...

Summer Bucket List

April 19, 2013

ANNA PIPPIN & EMMA COOPER Summer Bucket List: 1. Have a paint war- Fill water balloons with paint, and throw them at each other. Make sure to wear a white t-shirt and frame it. Be sure to use washable paint! 2. Sleep on...

13 Things to Look Forward to Until the End of the School Year

April 13, 2013

HANNAH CHATWIN, ANNA PIPPIN & RENEE PROBETTS 1. Prom 2. Graduation 3. Taste of Vista 4. Yearbook Distribution 5. AP Classes being done two weeks early 6. Goldust 7. Iron Man 3 and the Great Gatsby come to theaters 8. Freshmen are no longer freshmen, Sophomores become upperclassmen...

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