The Final Push


With the last month of school already underway, many students are feeling a mix of excitement and stress as they not only push for a good final grade but also look forward to summer vacation.

Seniors are the lucky ones, with only 21 days left of school until they are officially done with high school.

Although many of the seniors know what their college plans are, some are still waiting to hear back from the college they really hope to get into.

It can also be stressful for seniors as they try to maintain good grades even though the idea of being totally free is constantly creeping into their mind.

“Math class will be the hardest thing,” senior Morgan Mitchell said.

For juniors, this is the last month before they become seniors, the last final push to be able to get into a good college as well as having to worry about the ACT.

“I am so excited for prom and finally being done with school, but I have to take the ACT twice and it just seems really hard so I am not excited for it,” junior Megan Pepper said.

For both freshman and sophomores the end of the year means moving up in the social ladder of high school.

“It is the last month of being an underclassman so it is exciting to think that next year we will be closer to the top of the school,” sophomore William O’Brien explained.