Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List:
1. Have a paint war- Fill water balloons with paint, and throw them at each other. Make sure to wear a white t-shirt and frame it. Be sure to use washable paint!
2. Sleep on the beach- Get on a plane to somewhere thats on the coast, bring a blanket, bug repellant, and enjoy the crashing sound of the waves while you stargaze.TRAVEL WLT-GETTINGTHERE 3 MI
3. Water ball- Before you go to sleep on the beach, buy a water ball, and get in the ocean, and have a blast!
4. Lay in a field of daisies- Find a field of daisies, and lay there for at least 10 minutes and cloud watch.
5. Play “Messy Twister”- Yes, this requires paint! Get a “Twister” game mat, and fill each dotwith the corresponding paint color.

6. Balloon paint art- If you have seen Princess Diaries, you’ll understand. Fill water balloons with paint, staple the tops to a canvas and throw darts at them!
7. Skydive- Lets be honest, it just sounds like fun!
8. Climb a 14er- We live in Colorado people! You have to do it at least before you die! So might as well do it this summer!
9. Ride on a hot air balloon- There is no explanation for this amazing activity!
10. Ride a mechanical bull- Go to a place where there is a mechanical bull, pay for it, get on it, and ride it!