Five Movies to Watch Over Summer


 With summer right around the corner, the season of summer movies can be eagerly anticipated by students of all tastes.  Here are five films that are sure to warrant urlyour attention in the upcoming months.

1. Despicable Me 2.

Release Date: July 3.  Anyone who has seen the original Despicable Me can say that this will certainly be a sequel to seen.  While I personally enjoyed Megamind more, Despicable Me was still a very confident film with excellent voice acting from Steve Carell.  Hopefully, this sequel is a worthy successor to its foundations.

2. 300: Rise of An Empire.

Release Date: August 2.  While historical accuracy and any notions of realistic landscapes were thrown over the cliff, along with the Persians, in the original, it was still a mindlessly enjoyable film even for those who were hoping for a historical film, myself included.  Whether you just want to watch Greeks beat Persians in slow motion, or want to get some laughs like me by pointing out the flaws with the Greeks phalanx, this is a sequel that deserves to be seen.

3. World War Z.

Release Date: June 21.  I debated putting this on here due to my loyalty to the book.  After all, from what I gleaned from the trailers, the original concept was mostly lost to the hoards of CGI and the menace of Brad Pitt.  However, the hype surrounding this adaptation of one of the best zombie novels of all time means that it should be viewed regardless.  Whether it deserves applause of outcry will be up to you.

4. Man of Steel.

Release Date:  June 14.  From the man who saved Batman from the dark depths of Joel Shumacher’s Batman and Robin come this film that looks to somehow make the most over powered and invincible superhero human.  Considering the legacy he built around the The Dark Knight trilogy, I would say Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder have a decent chance of making a watchable film with somewhat laughable concepts.  This is just my opinion on Superman however.  In term of action, I have no doubt that this film will be awesome.

5. R.I.P.D.

Release Date: July 19.  Maybe the trailer was overly cartoonish.  Maybe the sound effects felt like they belonged in Looney Toons.  Maybe the dialogue looks to shift between ridiculously overdone and written for five-year olds.  Maybe the entire premise reeks of the dumbing down of cinema.  I don’t care. This movie looks to boast some impressive action against CGI peril, as well as Jeff Bridges.  More or less, that guarantees at least a fun watch, if nothing else.

In further news, Nicolas Cage’s next film The Frozen Ground premiers in November.  That goes without saying that you should watch it.