President’s Day Weekend Six Word Stories


6 Word Stories By Journalism 1 Students


Freshman Adam Holton:

I caught 12 feet of air!

Freshman Seth Howard:

I watched Adam separate his shoulder.

Junior Jordan Thomas:

I got sick and couldn’t go snowboarding.

Freshman Genevive Geoffrion:

I skied the slopes at Copper.

Freshman Will Savage:

Many hours moving into new house.

Freshman Kayla Ybarra:

This weekend, I cleaned my room.

Freshman Carter Hoo:

Sleeping in was the best feeling!

Sophomore Sam Evans:

I went skiing, and did good.

Sophomore Rachel Gregoire:

Studying for European history was bleh.

Freshman Megan Benson:

Had first dance competition, really fun.

Freshman Isabelle Demeo:

Joined a scooter gang, shopping haircut.

Senior Jeff Barker:

I cleaned my house this weekend!

Junior Payton Land:

Slept in, worked, worked, slept in.

Sophomore Mallory Prescott:

Snowshoeing in winter wonderlands with cocoa.

Freshman Noura Sarsam:

I got my hair cut short-ish.

Senior Macey Moyer:

The Columbine Memorial really touched me.