Top Five Ways to Deal with Snow in April

Snow in April is not a new occurrence for Colorado natives, but there never seems to be a proper way to react to the cold weather. The following is a list of five ways to make the best of the spring snow.

5. Make Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate is not only a delicious drink, it is a great way to warm up while the outdoors is cold. It is very easy to make, which is perfect for weather that makes many people lethargic.

4. Watch “Frozen:” The Disney sensation is a great film to watch at any time in the year, but it is much more fitting to watch when the the surrounding environment matches the environment of the film.

3. Play Card Games with Friends: With outdoor activities off the table due to the snow, hanging out with friends indoors is a perfect alternative. There are many things to do indoors, but playing card games such as “Cards Against Humanity” can be a particularly fun time.

2. Read a Book: Reading is the best when done in a calm and quite environment, and the snow can provide that type of environment wonderfully. The serene weather provides a glorious opportunity to catch up on a novel or a comic book.

1. Take a Nap: The amount of opportunities that most people have to sleep is severely lacking, but if there is any time to sleep, it is when it is snowing. Relaxing and warming up in a comfortable bed is a grand time, made only better when it is freezing outside.