A Darker Side

AJ Magill, Editor In Chief

With legends such as Christian Bail and Ben Affleck previously playing the role of Batman, Robert Pattinson has big shoes to fill. 

There has been controversy over his casting of the major role because of Pattinson’s previous movie, ‘Twilight’. Pattinson has also been in other more serious roles of Thomas Howard in The Lighthouse, Neil in Tenet and more, but none more iconic than Edward Cullen.

In numerous interviews after the Twilight Saga came out, Pattinson expressed his hatred for the series and has said he would never go back. Pattinson hopes his casting of Batman will overshadow his sparkly vampire days. 

The official trailer released Aug. 22, 2021 and left fans of the timeless comic hero ecstatic for the release. The trailer shows a mysterious villain wearing a mask of duct tape. In later trailers and teasers, it is discovered this villain is the infamous Riddler. 

Paul Dano explains how he decided to portray the Riddler in an interview with ‘Extratv’ on YouTube.

“Who he was without the mask and who he could be with the mask [is how I decided how to play the character],” Dano said. “Taking inspiration from Batman.”

The trailer shows Batman pummeling a man’s face in for eight solid seconds, which is more aggressive than previous takes of the character.

In an interview with ‘JoBlo Celebrity Interviews’ on Youtube, director of ‘Batman’, Matt Reeves explains his darker direction for the movie.

“I think in the early days of [being] Batman, I wanted him to not be in control,” Reeves said. “I felt like he should be more driven by his shadow side than he was even aware of.”

Although Batman is known for being a solo player, it is theorized he teams up with Cat Woman, played by Zoë Kravitz, and Commissioner James Gordon, played by Jeffrey Wright. In some Batman comics, there is a romance tale between Cat Woman and Batman. With confirmation from Reeves and actors, fans are thrilled by the news of romance in the dark movie.

The release date for the ‘Batman’ movie is officially Mar. 4, 2022 and coming up soon. Will fans love the movie? Or will the movie not measure up to the beloved previous films?