PHOTOS: Addams Family

This past weekend, the school was in for a spooky surprise with the putting on of the musical “The Addams Family” by Stage Flight Theatre. The cast showed off the product of their long nights of work, on Friday and Saturday in front of a sold-out audience.

The musical demanded a large amount of technical work from the members of the cast, who created exploding props and constructed most of the set by themselves. Audience members had the opportunity to experience rocket props, a theatrical lightning strike, and extreme attention to detail with each of the elements of the musical. The variety of objects that the technical crew created as well as the determination with which they approached their task brought them together for a common purpose.

“My favorite part was connecting with the people around me, like the freshmen and sophomores that I haven’t met before and experiencing the love of my teachers and peers,” senior Val Urquhart said.

Each moment of extra time spent by the students working to create props that excited the audience and produced an atmosphere appropriate for the the characters of the play contributed to one of the most meaningful experiences of the year so far. On both sides of the stage, the staff dedicated their time to show the audience their best ability.

“I have had the chance to be on and off the stage for the musicals here at Vista and to be able to end it with the Addams Family was an incredible experience,” senior Erin Solomon said. “We were impressed with ourselves and how we went above and beyond for our audiences every night.”

Stage Flight Theatre’s next main production, “Hecuba,” will hit the stage in February.

Photos by: Gabe Barnard, Anne Gerringer, Lauren Lippert, Amanda Gross