OPINION: Donald Trump Tweets That Made Me Scratch My Head



Since announcing his running for the presidency (and long before), Donald Trump has made some interesting and outlandish claims on Twitter that made me stop and think, wondering whether I had read wrong. Here are some of those Tweets.

He may be trying to keep bad people out of the country, but he’s going about it in a manner that does indeed ban people who don’t need to be banned. Also, it is a ban, considering he called it one himself a few days ago:


No, democrats (and anyone who supports public education) are trying to block his cabinet picks because they aren’t qualified for the position Trump wants them to hold.

It’s not just terrorists that the order blocks from entering the country though. It’s all citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Green card holders from those countries now have to go through a lengthy process to reenter the country as well (yes, even with their green cards). In an interview with Politico, former New York Mayor and Trump adviser, Rudi Giuliani said that Trump wanted to implement a “Muslim ban” early on, and then he asked Giuliana how to do “it”, referring to a Muslim ban. So despite Trump’s claims that it doesn’t target any religion, it very much does.

Their subscriptions actually grew by 132,000 after Trump won the election, not exactly what I’d call failing.

Sure, but what Trump neglected to state was that that was Obama’s second one, not his first which had 37.8 million viewers. The only president to have more viewers the second time was Richard Nixon.

I could be mistaken, but I believe the inauguration was on Jan. 20, 2016, not Jan. 21 (I’m not mistaken).

Those protestors did vote…in the popular vote…the one that Hillary Clinton won by almost three million votes.

If he has a big stake in it, doesn’t that mean he has a bit to do with it?

Since when did China need our permission to change how they run their economy?

I think his idea of better is choosing to ignore, not report on and refute anything that might make him look bad, regardless of the validity.

To this day there is no evidence of people voting illegally, so I guess he just thought this up and put it on Twitter for all to see as fact. Little did he know that the majority of people would see it and believe it without question or research.

Again, not sure where these numbers on “illegal votes” are coming from (oh wait, his head) but the current popular vote count sits with Hillary Clinton ahead by 2,841,862.

The next president of the United States’ reaction to the death of one of the most prominent historical figures was just four short words…I’m not sure if he doesn’t understand who Fidel Castro was or just doesn’t care very much that he passed away.

Not according to environmental scientists and the measurements they take regarding climate change or any other person who has looked at and understood a graph of global temperatures over the past 50 years. Even though this tweet is old, Trump’s stance hasn’t changed, stating that he doesn’t believe climate change is one of our big problems.

Still not sure where Trump gets his statistics. These claims aren’t even remotely true.

She was found innocent though (after the FBI spent over $20 million to investigate her). Could it be that Trump doesn’t read the news? That can’t be, right…right?

I’m not sure inspiring is the right word for the nation that’s waging war on Palestine, a land without any organized form of armed forces inspiring. Try atrocious.