MVM Six Word Stories – Staff Members


The staff members of MVM reflect on their winter break with six word stories.


Tyler Felske: Shortest winter break of high school.

Christian Holton: I played a game at Yale.

Hayley Mustin: Getting accepted to university of Texas.

Kenzie Winslow: Mom’s family + Dad’s family = Pure chaos.


Tyler Merchant: So much small talk, kill me.

Staci Prevato: Friends spend Christmas with one another.

Tamara Sorg: My winter break was very interesting.


Gabe Barnard: Mom’s glasses got eaten by cows.

Aly Hofmann: Winter break was full of sleep and movies.

Haley Kolseth: Dancing, snow, slip, bruise, sleep, fall.

Jordan MacArthur: Sleeping, eating, movies, friends, volleyball, Eaton.

Mikayla Olave: Christmas is a time to reconnect.

Charlie Penvari: I slept in until two o’clock.

Erica Venable: Neko atsume, conductor whiskers, joe dimeowgio.


Greyson Koinzan: Carson and wrestling, all day, everyday.