To Go or Not To Go To Nationals



Thespian; of or pertaining to drama and the theatre. A thespian is known to be good at acting and singing.

This past weekend, Mountain Vista students had the opportunity to go downtown for 3 days where they would perform and attend different workshops. Workshops ranged from swing dance to improv. Soon after, students would go to the convention center where they would perform their pieces.

5 students, seniors Jenna Ramsey, Parrish Salyers, Gib Smith, Lauren Taylor and Taylor Trimble received over 60 combined callbacks, and were offered spots on several elite theatre schools including the University of Northern Colorado, Santa Fe College of the Art and Design, the New School of Drama, Colorado State University and many more.

10 minutes after auditioning, Parrish Salyers and Lauren Taylor were told they qualified for the National Conference in Lincoln, Neb. which is something that only 15% of student performers accomplish.

“It’s very surreal to have your hard work pay off,” Salyers said. After working on the two monologues “My William Shatner Man Crush” and “Never the Sinner” for a year, Salyers felt confident in his pieces when making nationals.

“I haven’t had as strong pieces as these and I just connected well with them,” Salyers said.  “When I went on the stage to perform it was like here it is all in let’s go,”

Aside from Salyers qualifying for nationals, Lauren Taylor was voted for main stage Critics Choice Selection Showcase for her musical solo “Not Her Way from Tales” of the Bad Years in 12 years, she is only the 5th MVHS performer to qualify. There were 1,100 performances and hers was one of the 10 selected.