How To Make Or Break Your Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day, for Mountain Vista students, is a time for celebrating with that special someone or being single. This holiday causes students to be on either side of the spectrum; being super excited about it or completely despising it. YouTube helps the masses express their feelings about this time or what they even do for it.

Looking through Youtube you can find ways that people ask each other out, crafts to make for people or even the people who spend it hating the holiday!
For Valentine’s Day lovers there are many videos of hairstyles, room redecorating and music video’s to really get you in the spirit.
If you are into Valentine’s Day there are fun videos to get you into the spirit of the day like Half Up Braided Hairstyle by LuxyHair and Cute Valentine’s Day Crafts by HeyKayli.

But, for those people who would rather laugh at the holiday or hate it, there are videos for you; Dorm Life Episode 206- Valentine’s Day by thisisdormlife or Boyfriend Ruins Valentine’s Day by PrankvsPrank.
Asking students about their opinions about this is Dorm Life, the main story of this article; we got a couple different reactions. Elise Van Leuven said, it’s funny because it’s relatable, although we don’t live in a dorm.” Victoria Axelson said, “The single guy in the video is super relatable and funny.”
In all five videos you have Digits that talks about his stance on Valentine’s Day. The second video is about when men surprise their dates for Valentines Day for a Dove commercial. The next two are women making cute Valentines Day hairstyles (Lana Mckissack) and crafts (Hey Kayli.)

Whatever your stance is on Valentine’s Day you know that YouTube has you covered for the good and the bad. Who knows maybe you can be the boyfriend or girlfriend of the century!