Book Review: The Night Circus

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The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is a stimulating read about a traveling circus called The Cirque Des Reves open only from sunset to sunrise. The circus is filled with floating mazes, a garden made out of pure ice that never melts, a tent full of dreams, and an illusionist who’s tricks are so mysterious that everyone says it’s magic. The circus is filled with tents each draped in black and white stripes, the signature colors of the Circus. After traveling for a couple years the Circus attracts the attention of the revers who try and travel with the circus each wearing black and hint of red. The imagery in this book is amazing. You can feel the excitement and hear the crackle of the bonfire.
But the circus serves a darker purpose. It is a playground for Prospero the Enchanter and the mysterious Mr. AH’s proteges, Celia and Marco, who forge their illusions inside the circus. Each tent is used as a stage to exhibit their unimaginable talents. The never ending maze, the Ice Garden, the room with dreams bottled into jars. Each one showcases the brilliance of the two enchanters. Celia and Marco use the circus as a battleground for the competition they have been bound to since they were children. Unfortunately Celia and Marco have no idea they are competing against each other.  Soon Marco begins to fall for Celia and creates an imbalance in the circus and the lives of everyone around him.
The book is magnificently written. Each page is filled with magic. The words form a picture instead of paragraphs. The first page hooks you in and makes you feel like you have stepped into wonderland. I couldn’t put it down. It is confusing at some parts because Morgenstern writes each chapter in a different time period. So you have to read the subscript under each chapter title to really follow the story. The plot line is captivating and ingenious. The ending was great, it connected all the lines from each chapter exquisitely. I would recommend this book to those who likes a good mystery or fantasy.

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Book Review: The Night Circus