Prom on a Budget

Students share their thoughts on preparing for Prom

Payton Schueppert

Trying to choose the perfect outfit to wear to Prom is far beyond difficult. What color? What style? What price? There are a million questions to consider when selecting the perfect thing to wear. 

Luckily, senior Kaylyn Bauer, who chose to customize her dress, did not have to undergo the stress of Prom shopping.

“I chose to customize my dress instead of buying one because it was way less expensive,” Bauer said. 

However, rather than making the entire dress, Bauer took a different approach by borrowing the original from her best friend from previous years, where she then used only $3 to make it her own. 

“I highly recommend customizing your own [outfit] just to make it yourself,” Bauer said.

While there are many ways to save money on a Prom outfit, for such a special occasion, is it worth the money?

Senior Nicole Lucero bought her dress with a 20% discount; however, still making the total price of her beautiful light blue dress $104. 

“Personally, I’m not a fan of spending money, but for a special occasion I was willing to splurge a little,” Lucero said. 

While Prom can be a special day in high schoolers’ lives, this year’s dance was definitely different. 

“Although this year wasn’t what everyone was expecting their last Prom to be, it was actually really fun and memorable,” Lucero said. “I’m just happy we got the opportunity to do prom this year.”

Kaylyn Bauer, 12 and Kane Darrah, 12
Nicole Lucero, 12