Charity and Adrenaline Come Together for Powderpuff


Danica Bradshaw and Andrew Marsh

A light breeze grazes the skin leaving little goosebumps in its wake. Ears perk up as familiar voices fill the space. A light laugh here, a small snicker there, but neither compare to the sheer volume of a thousand voices coming together as one. The sun blinds those who turn in the wrong direction, but nothing could stop the inevitable battle soon to take place. The green on one side and the white on another, an odd blend as the two matched up against one another. A loud beep sounded and the 2021 Powderpuff game began. After an abnormal year for every class during the 2020-21 school year, a good old Powderpuff football game is sometimes what everyone needs.  

With only two days to train and prepare, Taylor MacDonald and her senior classmates had to jump right into the competitive game and work together to win.

“The only way I can really describe [Powderpuff] is it’s like a rush of adrenaline,” Taylor MacDonald said. “I’ve never really played with a bunch of fans like this before, but it was so much fun and is high energy. I loved it.”

MacDonald, along with the senior class, won Powderpuff in a 6-0 game. Junior Delaney Sherman from the junior side of Powderpuff, reflected on the seniors’ win. 

“We only lost by one catch if you think about it,” Sherman said. “We were almost going to tie the game, so we were pretty confident, but you know it was their senior year, they had a tough go at it so I’m happy they won.”

While the result was a loss for the junior class, the connections made before, during and after the Powderpuff game are what is the most important thing for Sherman.

“I just think it’s so cool for the entire grade to come together.” Sherman said. “We have so many different groups of people out here and this is all about community and this showcases what we are all about.” 

Like Sherman, both sides got to experience the feeling of unity.  

“I think it’s fun to have a sense of community and all the seniors being together, especially this year after not being able to be with each other and everyone cheering,” MacDonald said. “It was a really good time.” 

Not only did Sherman and MacDonald agree that community was a huge part of the fun of the yearly Powerpuff game, but this was a great way to support Wish Week, as well.

“We raise money by everybody coming in here and just having everyone here,” MacDonald said. “We’re out here for Rynn anyway, so it’s really good for everyone to be here whether they’re donating money or not.”