The Faces Behind the Magic

Sam Mircetic

The magic of Wish Week is bright, bold and apparent to every student that walks through the school doors from Monday to Friday. Decorations line the hallways, events follow each school day and everyone is running out to lunch to support the partnering restaurants. Having said that, this excitement does not come easy. Student Leadership worked long hours and late nights to make Wish Week the very best that it can be.

“For me, the challenge isn’t the event planning or fundraising involved months before Wish Week, but decorating which is always crunch time,” sophomore Edie Cingrani said. “While it is fun, it usually takes days and days to plan, create concepts, hang and assist other members.”

Despite the long days and late nights of planning, however, Student Leadership has ways of getting work done efficiently, all the while having fun.

“Music gets us through the long, long hours of decorating and the hard work in the weeks before the actual amazing Wish Week,” Carly Meehan, 10, said. “We spend crazy long hours with each other over the weekends and late at night, but it’s all worth it.”

It is no secret that this has been a highly challenging and modified year, and like all other things, traditional Wish Week events unfortunately took a hit.

“We’ve been discussing what it will look like under the circumstances, and we are lucky to have the opportunity to celebrate our Wish kid, Rynn, and grant her wish,” Cingrani said. 

Like any other year, the Vista community is doing its best to create a fun, exciting and welcoming environment for this year’s Wish kid. In the past, Mountain Vista has raised exponential amounts of money in support of the Make-A- Wish Foundation, and through T-shirt sales, events throughout the week and other fundraising opportunities, they hope to do the same this year.

“My favorite part about Wish Week is the amazing impact it has on our Wish kid, school and greater community each year,” Cingrani said. “As the top fundraising high school in the nation, we always have a lot of pressure on us to make Wish Week bigger and better each year, and I always think we rise to that occasion.”