Wish Week Day 2: Tuesday

Matthew Bernstein

Day 2. The ball is officially rolling, and even during this crazy year, Vista had an insane day. Today’s main event was dodgeball and had teams themed as everything from the Three Finger Combos dripped out with Canes gear to the classic white out sported by multiple teams.

Today’s dress up day was pink out. A majority of the school was wearing Rynn’s favorite color: PINK! Students had it all from tutus to headbands to hot pink shirts — everyone came together in order to support Rynn. 

The Dodgeball Tournament was the main event of the day. Upperclassmen played in the main gym and underclassmen in the small gym. Each participated in a double elimination bracket where the winner of each division played in the finals. The Designated Hitters, an all-freshman team, beat the odds winning out against all of the freshman and sophomore teams in the small gym. Then, they came up to the big leagues and played on the ultimate stage that was live streamed on YouTube to the whole world, beating the best of the junior/senior teams to win the whole tournament. 

“I was really in shock, didn’t really know what happened. I was just like, really happy just jumping up and down in the mosh pit,” freshman Logan Greene said. Most people didn’t expect a freshman team to win it all, but the Designated Hitters had other plans. 

“I think we were definitely the underdogs, but I definitely feel like some people expected it [us to win]. I think a couple of the refs [expected it] because they really knew both sides,” Greene said.

We also had four restaurants participating in Wish Week today. The four restaurants were Tropical Smoothie, Nicolo’s Pizza, Noodles and Company and Coldstone. At the Noodles and Company in Town Center, 10% of all money spent between 4 and 8 p.m. by Vista Students went to Rynn and supporting her wish. Many people went out for dinner or dessert at these sponsored restaurants earning money for Rynn.

May 4 was an incredibly competitive day, but at the end, everyone came together to support Rynn and make her wish come true, and that’s all that really matters. 

“We just heard about how Wish Week really brings people together,” Greene said, “and we kind of wanted to be a bigger part of that, so we said, ‘why not?’”