Cooking Creatively


Two students being creative and having fun in ways different than before. “We found interesting matching aprons for this class,” Ellis Zamenaky, 12, and Rachel Wallis, 12, both students in Catering, said. They said they enjoy cooking together and being together.

Mikayla Tibbets, Staffer

Catering is a hands-on cooking class, but they’ve had to make adjustments due to COVID-19. “Something that helped make the transition a little easier and allow students to still get the hands on catering experience was the implementation of ‘Catering To Go’,” Stumberg, Catering teacher, said. This system as they call it is when students can pick up groceries from Vista for labs and then they cook every Wednesday over Google Meet.

Ellis Zamenaky, 12, found that being in her own kitchen to cook has perks. 

“Since we’re also in our own kitchen, we still get to cook and it still gets to be like kind of hands on,” Zamensky said. 

Human interaction certainly helps when it comes to learning, and a class like catering, teachers are especially looking forward to coming back. Of course it’s not the same as being in school, but it’s still an effective way for students to learn and get things done. 

“I enjoy the student interaction, and while it looks different, it’s way better than being remote,” Catering teacher, Maria Luckmann, said. “And, specifically for Catering, it’s very difficult to help students when they are cooking at home.  It will be nice to cook together in the lab.”