The Jonas Brothers: Happiness Begins Tour


Emery Davis


“You might fall off this track sometime, hope to see you at the finish line.”

After a six year hiatus, the trio Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas returned to the stage for their tenth tour together with brand new music. Originally teenage Disney Stars, The Jonas Brothers starred in the “Camp Rock” trilogy and their own show “Jonas.” In 2013 the band split and ended their collective music career due to different plans for their futures. Fans were psyched on March 1 when the boys dropped a new single to kick off their road to reunion world tour which ends in Paris.

On Oct. 1, The Jonas Brothers appeared in Denver for a concert at the Pepsi Center accompanied by artists Jordan McGraw and Bebe Rexha. The venue’s capacity was nearly filled with fans of all ages, including fans who suffered through the group’s six year hiatus and are now leading adult lives.

The energy at the concert was electric when the headlining group performed but was far less lively while the opening acts were on stage. Another issue with the show was the technical difficulties the performers experienced during their acts. Up until about the third song the Jonas Brothers performed, there were moments where the instruments drowned out the vocals of the artists. Eventually the issues were fixed, which improved the overall concert experience for everyone. Unfortunately, though, the artists who already performed just had to work through the problems and keep going.

Despite the very few issues, the set of the show had many small deatails in it that really completed the show and captivated the audience. Behind the performers was a large screen displaying different videos and texts pertaining to the song being performed. Jordan McGraw only used the screen for his name, while Bebe Rexha also projected her music videos during her portion. When the Jonas Brothers finally appeared, a whole other screen was revealed which made their displays during performance much more vivid than the openers.

At the end of the show, many spectators’ childhood dreams came true as the Jonas Brothers performed many of their old songs from the good ol’ days of 2006. Back then, the boy band composed more rock music compared to the pop they’ve produced recently. This point of the concert was when the audience was the loudest and the energy was the greatest, as it was the most exciting for all the teenage and young adult fans who have been in love with the Jonas Brothers since they could walk. For many, the entire concert was truly a reawakening to childhood days of jamming to the Jo Bros.