Top 5 Musicians to Expand Your Music Library

Top 5 Musicians to Expand Your Music Library

Emery Davis

1. Lil Peep

Originally a Soundcloud rapper, Lil Peep had a talent for mixing together very contrasting genres in his music. When he started mixing music on his own, he was able to make every song sound different; whether it was the lyrics, vocals, or the beat of the song. Some songs are violent and angry, while others are all about the feeling of falling in love. Additionally his songs often included the theme of drug use and feeling numb. Emo and rap were never really meant to be together, but somehow Lil Peep made it work beautifully.

“Nothing worse than losing a friend, and the feeling you get that when everybody you love ain’t around. I really gotta get away from this town.” – Haunt u

2. Matt Maeson

Alternative-indie artist Matt Maeson constantly writes songs with the theme of sorrow, betrayal, and heartbreak. Yet somehow, he finds a way to inspire many people with his brooding vocals and unique style. Maybe it’s the power in his voice or the way he makes words fit together perfectly, but somehow you end up falling in love with his music. It’s somewhat “otherworldly,” something from a different planet. He tends to use metaphors to anchor meaning to deep emotions in order to make them more tangible to the listener, a great way to get into their head.

“Oh and I’ll try to convince myself I’m worth it. Oh and you’ll lie with your strange and fitting purpose” – Straight Razor

3. Gorillaz

Over the course of six albums, the digital band Gorillaz has demonstrated many different sounds to an audience of many diverse figures. Not only is the sound of their music different, but the way they present themselves to the world is incredibly different from any band you’ve seen. You’ll notice that if you watch any of their music videos, the band is comprised of cartoon characters. The fact that they’re all cartoons is pretty interesting in itself, however each character also has their own complex storyline. As you fall further into the hole of the Gorillaz franchise, the storyline becomes more complex and compelling.

“Cause you are my medicine, when you’re close to me.” – On Melancholy Hill

4. The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms are a group known for their lead singers almost flat, yet smooth garage-band esque vocals. They tend to have songs with a lot of shouting which can be great for so many feeling. If you want to dance, yell, throw a party, or just simply let loose, The Front Bottoms is the perfect band to turn to. Though many people aren’t fans of yelling in music, The Front Bottoms find a way to not overdo it. Overall I think everybody should give The Front Bottoms a chance, as they’re almost a “gateway” to other punk-indie bands and music.

“I guess I’m older now, I am caught in between who I am and who I’m supposed to be” – Tie Dye Dragon

5. Jeremy Zucker

Writing songs to bring awareness to mental health issues, Jeremy Zucker pushes the limits of what most musicians won’t even begin to touch. Zucker’s songs often follow sad themes yet happy undertone related to coming back from the darkest places of the mindscape. Working with artists similar to him, such as blackbear and Chelsea Cutler, Zucker brings a whole new message and sound to the electric pop genre with both his collaborative pieces and his solo projects.

“All the kids are depressed, nothing ever makes sense. I’m not feeling alright. Staying up ‘til sunrise.” – All The Kids Are Depressed