2019 Slam Poetry and Performance Night


Molly Houser and Emma Wright


Spoken word poetry, perhaps one of the most underrated types of writing, is something Vista students proudly hold close to their hearts. On April 25th, the Spoken Word Club, along with Penman’s Syndicate and the English Department, joined forces and held the Slam Poetry and Performance Night, an evening dedicated to giving students a platform to share their voices.

“During the slam, I learned so much about different types of writing,” junior Tara Kuyilath said. “I would definitely do it again, it feels so amazing when people are cheering for you because your words have made an impact. I think that feeling is so important.”

Weeks prior, the special night was postponed due to a snowstorm. This posed as a major obstacle, but the English Department and students banded together and were able to reschedule it.

“It’s really disappointing that it was canceled,” said senior Ilyena Wagner.

Because the school year is nearing its end, setting a new date was tricky, but dedicated Vista students made it happen.

The night began with the slam poetry contest. Seven brave students from the Spoken Word Club and Penman’s Syndicate performed two original poems, one with a three-minute-time limit, the other a ninety-second-time limit.

“The best part of the night was definitely the spirit,” freshman Brayden Tuers said. “People were there for so many different reasons, whether it was for extra credit or just because they liked poetry.”

Regardless of why people were there, Tuers felt as if everyone had been impacted by the works students put forward.

“There was a connection, and I was so happy to be surrounded by some of my closest friends.”

Freshman Reagan Doleman placed as runner up, and junior Emma Holt won first place in the competition.

“The best part of the night was definitely seeing all my friends from Spoken Word club face their fears and share their work better than they ever have before,” Holt said. “I wasn’t nervous, to begin with, but then I saw how many people showed up. It definitely made me nervous.”

Following the brief awards ceremony and intermission, the second half of the night, the performance arts portion, commenced. Students performed more original poetry and sang original songs, highlighting the individuality of Vista’s student body.

“The night made me realize how awesome and talented the creative people in this school are,” Holt said, who also competed in the performance portion with an original song. “This has impacted me as a writer, as well as a person.”

Both clubs intend to hold another Slam and Performance Night next year, hopefully, if snow willing, on time.