Be A Good Person shirts filled the halls once again for the final day of the 2019 Wish Week.

Starting at 9:45 a.m., students were released from class to make their way to the gym, where they would gather for an epic wrestling match by Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling. After a few minutes of wrestlers slamming and taking down their opponents in the ring, Chad Isaacs (The Wish Warrior) ended the match by throwing the final wrester in the ring, Anaya, onto a table to take home the heavy weight title.

Chad and his family were then welcomed to the stage alongside the wrestlers, the founders of Be A Good Person, Love Your Laces and representatives from Make-A-Wish.

“I was nervous and also just really shocked,” Chad’s father, Cody Isaac, said. “I didn’t really realize that people cared that much and now I know that everybody does.”

PawS the Music closed the assembly with a rave to celebrate The Wish Warrior’s victory.

“[I hope Chad] knows he is not alone,” PawS said. “His situation could get pretty morbid and pretty sad, but obviously we had like 1000 kids in here or 2000 kids in here. He’s got an amazing support system.”

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Chick-Fil-A was filled with hungry students. Part of the proceeds made during this time gap went to Wish Week.

“It was really good to see everyone come out and support wish week,” senior Cassidy Woolley said. “I was happy to see the entire place packed with Be A Good Person shirts.”

At 6:30p.m., varsity boy’s basketball geared up for their second game this week, this time against Regis Jesuit High School (RJHS).

During halftime, the poms team performed a routine to a mashup song. Following their performance, MV Unit led a new cheer for Chad.

The game was neck and neck up until the last few minutes, where RJHS took the lead. Vista lost, 60-53.

At 7:45p.m., Vista’s varsity hockey team faced-off against Heritage in a battle for the Eagle Cup.

Vista was able to score two goals, but the win landed in Heritage’s hands. The Golden Eagles lost, 6-2.

Photos by Bronwen Cartwright, Dillon Bateski, Abbey Dougal, Paige Gerling, Madira Gowda, Kei Ivery, Audrey Lyp, Dave Miriyala, Michael Place, Ben Yoshida and Madison Paul