High School can be a tough time to figure out where you fit in. To some kids, it is easy to feel like they do not “fit” anywhere. In order to prevent this feeling, Sources of Strength started a #WeBelong campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to make every student feel as though they have a community they can rely on and belong to. In advisement, SOS asked students to take a pledge and photo holding up the letters #WeBelong. Students are also encouraged to post their own photos on social media with the caption #MVHSWeBelong about what they do at Vista to get involved.

Riley Spotts, 10, is apart of SOS. “I know what it is like to not have anybody or feel like no one in the school cares,” Spotts said. “I think it’s good for the community to know there is someone out there that does care.”

The club also plans to hand out lifesavers with a simple message attached, “Be a LifeSaver and say hello, branch out, and include others” and “Life is sweet when you know you belong!” as well as put up a We Belong display in the lunchroom.

The club realizes that not everyone will get involved with the campaign, but hopes they at least think about it. “I want everyone think about [our message] when they see someone who might not fit the mold or follow what everyone else does,” Spotts said. “I want them to know that everyone has a chance to belong.”