OPINION: Why Pets are Better than People

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OPINION: Why Pets are Better than People

Paige Gerling

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Even if your pet isn’t a trained therapy animal, they can provide just as much comfort. Here’s why scratching a cat behind the ears may just be better than human interaction (yes, really).

In today’s world, we need support more than ever, and pets can do just that. Your pet doesn’t expect much from you except attention and care, whereas us as humans have expectations everyday of our lives to live up to.


While pets may not have much responsibilities, they do have the duty to protect, and show unconditional love for others.


A pet can alleviate the stress of everyday life, as a devoted sidekick through all your struggles, and allow us to take a break from our busy schedules.


Think about your pet, if you own one. Your fish isn’t reminding of you what homework you have, and your hamster isn’t pestering you about your personality.


Of course, the basic household pet lacks the ability to speak, but their emotions are expressed just the same as ours, through your dog panting, or your cat purring loudly.


If you are having a bad day, your pets won’t judge you, even if they don’t always understand the situation. When you need to vent your feelings out, the unprejudiced opinion of your pet is always there to listen.


Even if others don’t come through, a pet will always be your trustworthy companion, living up to the nickname “man’s best friend”.


There is no better way to relieve stress than to pet your cat, or by hearing your dog’s tail rapidly thump on the kitchen floor.


For the days of bad and good, the sad and the mad, a loyal partner in crime in the form of a loving pet will always be there with you.