LIVE BLOG (Finished): Mountain Vista Football vs. ThunderRidge

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LIVE BLOG (Finished): Mountain Vista Football vs. ThunderRidge

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11:34pm – Vista loses their second game of the season 51-34. They now have a record of 1-2. They will play Arapahoe High School next Friday, 9/22, for their fourth game of season. Thank you for joining us this evening! Have a great night!

11:29pm – The Grizzlies set up on Vista’s 27 yard line on second and six. Vista calls their first time out of the half with 2:19 left in the game.

11:27pm – On the returning drive for ThunderRidge, the Grizzlies call their second time out of the half on fourth and two. The Grizzlies convert for a first down.

11:19pm – The Golden Eagles go three and out and are forced the punt. On the punt, the snap goes over the punter’s head and rolls all the way to the back of the end zone, forcing a safety. Vista trails, 51-34.

11:16pm – Vista’s Bryce Williams receives the squib kick off the return kickoff. The Golden Eagles start at their own 43 yard line.

11:15pm – ThunderRidge scores a rushing touchdown. Extra point is good. The Golden Eagles trail, 49-34.

11:09pm – The Grizzlies continue to move the chains down the field. They manage to get another first down after a fourth down conversion. It’s second and seven with the ball on Vista’s 20 yard line.

11:05pm – Both teams break out of their huddles and we are underway in the fourth quarter. Grizzlies begin at their own 23 yard line.

10:49pm – The fourth quarter is expected to begin at 11:05 p.m. The teams have taken the field.

10:40pm – The lightning delay is expected to end here at Shea Stadium at 10:50p.m.

10:14pm – It is starting to rain sideways and lightning has picked up dramatically. No updates on delay or cancellation.

9:50pm – At the end of the third quarter, Vista trails ThunderRidge 42-34. We are under another 30-minute lightning delay.

9:45pm – With 1:43 left in the third quarter, Vista punts to the Grizzlies after an unsuccessful drive.

9:40pm- Cam Lancaster comes off the field with an apparent arm injury. Caden Wetzel fills in for QB. Vista has a first down on ThunderRidge’s 37 yard line.

9:34pm – After three deep pass attempts from ThunderRidge, Vista stops their drive at their own 49 yard line. After a Grizzly punt, the Golden Eagles start at their own 19 yard line.

9:32pm – ThunderRidge has moved up to their own 49 yard line after a series of plays. It is second and ten for the Grizzlies.

9:26pm – ThunderRidge recovers a fumble by Mountain Vista. They start a new drive on their own 11 yard line.


9:23pm – On the first play after the delay, Noah Hicks rushes for a first down and enters Grizzly territory on the Grizzlies’ 47 yard line.

9:22pm – We have resumed play here at Shea Stadium.

9:17pm – The game will resume with 9:58 remaining in the third quarter with Vista on offense on their own 35 yard line. It will be first and ten for the Golden Eagles.

9:16pm – Both teams have returned back onto the field. Fans and students are beginning to fill the stands once again.

9:14pm – ThunderRidge returns back to their locker rooms.

9:11pm – ThunderRidge is the first team back onto the field. Vista has not returned.

9:05pm – Fans can enter the stadium in 10 minutes. Players will be back on the field at 9:15p.m. The game will resume at 9:20 p.m.

8:47pm – After converting for a first down after the returning kickoff, Vista sets up on their own 35 yard line with first down and ten. Lightning has been spotted near the stadium. We have been placed on a 30-minute lightning delay.

8:42pm – ThunderRidge rushes for a 77 yard touchdown on the second play of their drive. Extra point is good. Vista trails 42-34.

8:40pm – ThunderRidge returns the opening second half kickoff for a touchback.

8:34pm – Both teams come back onto the field and start their mid-game stretches to begin the second half. ThunderRidge will return the second half kickoff.

8:19pm – Ryland O’Donnell intercepts Taylor White’s pass attempt with 24.7 seconds left in the first half inside the red-zone. The Golden Eagles run a few plays to run out the clock after the interception to complete the first half. Mountain Vista trails 35-34 at the end of the first half.

8:17pm – ThunderRidge reaches the red-zone at Vista’s 20 yard line.

8:15pm – ThunderRidge enters Golden Eagle territory after a series of plays for positive yardage.

8:13pm – ThunderRidge returns the returning kickoff for a touchback.


8:11pm – Vinny Mac returns the returning kickoff for a touchdown for the Golden Eagles. Extra point is not good. Vista trails 35-34. There is 2:40 left in the half.

8:08pm – ThunderRidge rushes for a 23 yard touchdown. Extra point is good. Vista trails, 35-28. There is 2:51 left in the half.

8:05pm – ThunderRidge earns a first down off a defensive pass interference by Mountain Vista. They are now in Vista territory.

8:03pm – ThunderRidge returns the returning kickoff for a touchback.

8:00pm – Cam Lancaster throws to Aaron Albretchsen for his second touchdown of the night for a 43 yard catch. Extra point is good. Vista ties the game, once again, 28-28, with 5:58 left in the half.

7:57pm – Vista converts for a first down after the kickoff. The are currently at their own 40 yard line.

7:53pm – Jake Porter returns a catch for a 70 yard touchdown for ThunderRidge. Extra point is good. Vista trails 28-21. There is 7:45 left in the half.

7:50pm – The Grizzlies return the kickoff for a touchback.

7:48pm – Cam Lancaster throws to Aaron Albretchsen for a 90 yard touchdown pass. Extra point is good. Vista ties the game for the second time tonight, 21-21.


7:42pm – Grizzlies punt the ball after only managing to convert for one first down in their drive. On the punt, Vista muffs the ball and the ball is recovered by the Grizzlies. Logan Ludwig of the Grizzlies runs in for a touchdown after the muff. The extra point is good. Vista trails again, 21-14.

7:39pm – ThunderRidge returns the returning kickoff for a touchback.

7:37pm – Cam Lancaster runs in for a seven yard touchdown. The extra point is good. Vista is now tied with the Grizzlies, 14-14.

7:34pm – Vista converts on fourth down and ten. It is first and goal for the Golden Eagles. At the end of the first quarter, the Golden Eagles trail, 14-7.

7:33pm – ThunderRidge takes their first timeout of the game.


7:29pm -Aaron Alberetchsen makes a marvelous catch for another Golden Eagle first down. It is first and ten on the Grizzly 25 yard line.

7:24pm – Vista converts for two more first downs and are now in Grizzly territory.

7:24pm – Mountain Vista converts for a first down right after a touchback from the returning kickoff. It is first and ten from their own 31 yard line.

7:22pm – Grizzlies score a three yard touchdown right after a great pass from ThunderRidge’s QB, Taylor White. The extra point is good. Vista trails, 14-7.

7:20pm – ThunderRidge’s Aden Scott picks off Campbell Lancaster’s attempted pass for a touchdown. However, there are flags on the play, bringing the ball back to the site of the interception. Grizzlies start at Vista’s 43 yard line.

7:18pm – Vista earns a touchback after the returning kickoff. They start at their own 20 yard line.

7:13pm – Vista’s Max Ruppert is helped off the field after a great stop at the Grizzlies’ own 43 yard line. Right after the injury time ThunderRidge runs 53 yards into Golden Eagle territory. Two plays after the run, ThunderRidge runs for a four yard touchdown. The extra point it good. The game is tied, 7-7.

7:11pm – The Golden Eagles go three and out. The Grizzlies start on their own 32 yard line.

7:08pm – The Grizzlies go three and out and punt it to the Golden Eagles. Tristan Smith returns it to the Golden Eagles’ 35 yard line.

7:07pm – The Grizzlies return the kickoff to their own 23 yard line for their opening drive.


7:04pm – Campbell Lancaster throws to Tristan Smith for a 40 yard touchdown. The extra point is good. The Golden Eagles lead, 7-0.

7:02pm – The Golden Eagles convert two consecutive first downs. It is third down and two in the Grizzlies’ 45 yard line.

7:00pm – ThunderRidge kicks off to start the game with a touchback.

6:57pm – Sam Atchison sings a spectacular Star Spangled Banner. Right after the National Anthem, captains from both teams meet at mid-field for the coin toss. ThunderRidge wins the toss, electing to receive the ball in the second half.

6:51pm – The Golden Eagles rock their tunnel and storm out onto the field. ThunderRidge comes running out onto the field a few moments after Vista.

6:50pm – Tonight’s game is sold out here at Shea Stadium. The attendance is expected to be over 1,000 people.

6:42pm –  Both teams are heading to their locker rooms. 16:15 until kickoff.

6:39pm – Both teams are practicing their offensive and defensive plays from their own 40 yard lines with just under 20 minutes until game time.

6:33pm – The Golden Eagles come into tonight’s game with a 1-1 record and a dominant 52-24 victory over the Rangeview Raiders. The Grizzlies have an 0-2 record looking for their first win of the season.


6:11pm – Welcome to tonight’s live blog! Mountain Vista Media will be covering tonight’s homecoming game for Mountain Vista High School. The Golden Eagles host their rival, ThunderRidge High School, in their third game of the season here at Shea Stadium. We will be providing you photos and details of tonight’s game. Please follow Vista Now on Twitter and Instagram for more coverage of tonight’s game. If you want to see threads of our coverage, please, use the hashtags #MVvsTRidge and #MVFootball.