LIVE BLOG (Finished): Mountain Vista Football vs. Poudre

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LIVE BLOG (Finished): Mountain Vista Football vs. Poudre

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10:04pm – Vista loses their first game of the season 35-21. They start the season with a record of 0-1. They will travel to Rangeview High School next Thursday, 9/7, for their second game of season. Thank you for joining us this evening! Have a great night!

10:00pm – Cam Lancaster’s pass is tipped by Poudre and intercepted. It is first down and ten for the Impalas on Vista’s 12 yard line with 1:49 left in the game.

9:57pm – Poudre can’t convert on fourth down. Vista takes posession of the ball from their own 11 yard line.

9:53pm – With 2:50 left in the game, Vista takes their last and final timeout. It is third and six on Vista’s 15 yard line for the Impalas.

9:49pm – Chris Yockey stops JT Erickson on second down and five on Vista’s own 25 yard line.

9:46pm – Vista goes four and out and punts the ball back to the Impalas.

INJURY UPDATE: Le has gone back into the game for Vista.

9:43pm – Bryce Williams swats the ball away in the end zone to prevent the Impalas from scoring a touchdown. Next play on fourth down, the Impalas miss a field goal attempt, turning over the ball to the Golden Eagles. Vista still trails, 35-21, with 7:20 left in the game.

9:41pm – After a series of plays, Poudre has made it down field inside the red zone. It is second and eight for the Impalas on Vista’s 16 yard line.

9:38pm – Poudre takes their first timeout of the half with 10:41 remaining in the game.

9:35pm – Poudre will begin their drive after a Mountain Vista kickoff from their own 38 yard line.

9:32pm – Noah Hicks runs in for a four yard touchdown. The extra point is good. Vista trails, 35-21, with 11:50 left in the game.

9:28pm – Cam Lancaster completes another pass to Tristan Smith in the red zone. Vista runs one more play before the end of the third quarter. Vista still trails, 35-14.

9:26pm – Cam Lancaster completes a pass to Cameron Williams for another first down on the Impala’s 36 yard line.

9:25pm – Vista completes a first down pass on the 50 yard line.

9:23pm – Vista starts a new drive from their own 41 yard line after another kickoff. On the first play, Vista fumbles the ball but they manage to recover it.

9:20pm – On the second play after the kickoff, Cam Lancaster fumbles ball. Poudre picks up the fumbled ball and is tackled at Vista’s 1 yard line. JT Erickson on the next play scores his fourth touchdown of the night on a one yard run. The extra point is good. Vista trails, 35-14, with 4:20 left in the third quarter.

9:16pm – JT Erickson scores his third touchdown of the night off a 61 yard run. The extra point is good. Vista trails, 28-14, with 5:01 remaining in the third quarter.

9:13pm – Ryan Le is down on the 35 yard line and appears to have an apparent leg injury. He is helped off the field by two trainers.

9:10pm – Thomas Hall misses a field goal attempt on the Impala’s 5 yard line. The Golden Eagles turnover the ball to Poudre .

9:07pm – Matt Smith runs for a first down and is tackled at the 10 yard line. It is first and goal for the Golden Eagles with 7:36 left in the third quarter.

9:04pm – Poudre goes four and out and punts it to Mountain Vista. The Golden Eagles return it to the Impala’s 37 yard line.

9:02pm – Brendan Moorehead sacks Troy McFadden on the 31 yard line on the first play of Poudre’s drive.

9:00pm – Mountain Vista kicks off to begin the second half. Poudre takes it to the 40 yard line off the kick.

8:55pm – Mountain Vista and Poudre head out onto the field for the second half.

8:40pm – Aaron Abrechtsen makes a fantastic catch inside the 10 yard line but is tackled as time expires. Both teams head to the locker rooms for halftime. Vista trails 21-14.

8:38pm – Tristan Smith completes a pass from Cam Lancaster for a first down. After the play, Poudre is penalized for defensive pass interference on the Impala’s 37 yard line. There are 16 seconds left in the first half.

8:35pm – After the penalty, Zach Leal scores on a 10 yard touchdown pass for the Impalas. The extra point is good. Vista trails 21-14. There is 39.6 seconds remaining in the first half.

8:33pm – After Poudre’s Troy McFadden’s big run, McFadden tosses the ball up in to the end zone for an incomplete pass. However, Micheal Brennan of Mountain Vista is penalized for defensive pass interference. Poudre now has a first down on Vista’s 10 yard line.

8:29pm – Poudre’s QB, Troy McFadden, after four plays, runs 33 yards to Vista’s 20 yard line. The Impalas now look to score in Vista’s red zone.

8:26pm – Vista brings out the punting unit after failing to complete a first down pass from their own 48 yard line. After the punt.

8:22pm – After Poudre enters Vista territory, the Vista defense does a great job stopping them from getting first down, forcing the Impalas to punt from their own territory. Vista now begins a new drive from their own 30 yard line. There is 4:33 remaining in the first half.

8:19pm – Poudre will begin their drive after the kickoff from their own 35 yard line with 7:04 left in the half.

8:17pm – Campbell Lancaster throws a 26 yard touchdown pass to Johnny Evans. The extra point is good. Vista ties the game 14-14.

8:15pm – Vista completes another fourth down conversion on the Impala 31 yard line with 7:49 left in the half.

8:11pm – Vista succeeds on a fourth down conversion with 9:32 left in the half and are now in Impala territory.

8:10pm – Vista’s Aaron Abrechtsen runs the ball to the 36 yard line on the Poudre Kickoff.

8:08pm – JT Erickson runs into the endzone for a touchdown the second time tonight. The Impalas complete their extra point and now lead Vista, 14-7.

8:07pm – Vista takes their second timeout of the half with 11:31 left in the second half.

8:02pm – Poudre’s JT Erickson gets another first down for the Impalas. Poudre is now on Vista’s 17 yard line. The Poudre offensive line runs down the clock to end the first quarter. The score remains tied, 7-7.

INJURY UPDATE: Ben Moerer is “fine and ready to get back onto the field,”.

7:59pm – Ben Moerer of Mountain Vista hobbles off the field with an apparent leg injury on Vista’s 38 yard line.

7:56 pm – Vista is stopped after a fourth down conversion attempt in Impala territory. Poudre now takes possession of the ball.

7:54pm – Vista starts on their own 26 yard line after the kick off. On the second play of the drive, Julio Marquez gets a first down for Vista and runs out on the 50 yard line. 4:05 left in the first quarter.

7:50pm – JT Erickson of Poudre High School runs into the endzone for a touchdown. The extra point is good. Mountain Vista is now tied with Poudre, 7-7, with 5:54 left in the quarter.

7:46pm – Vista starts on their own 19 yard line after an Impala punt.

7:44pm – Joe Krysa stops a Poudre wide reciever to make it fourth down for the Impalas. Vista takes their first timeout of the half with 7:13 left in the quarter.

7:41pm – Poudre converts two first downs in a row. They are now on Vista’s 38 yard line.

7:40pm – Poudre takes their first time out in the first half with 9:36 left in the first quarter.

7:37pm – Poudre takes the touchback off Mountain Vista’s kickoff.

7:35pm – Campbell Lancaster throws to Tristan Smith for a 85 yard touchdown. Smith breaks four tackles on the run. The extra point is good. Mountain Vista leads 7-0.

7:31pm – Aaron Abrechtsen takes it all the way for a touchdown on the opening kickoff. However, a flag on the play takes away the touchdown for Mountain Vista and brings them back into their own territory.

7:30pm – Mountain Vista elects to receive the football from the north side of field.

7:28pm – Donovan Wilkinson and the Mountain Vista Student section sing the National Anthem.

7:27pm – Both teams stand and look at the American Flag in the north end zone for the National Anthem.

7:23 – The Mountain Vista Student Section cheers as the Golden Eagles storm out of their tunnel.

7:22pm – Mountain Vista rocks their tunnel, ready to head out onto the field for the first time this season.

7:14pm – Mountain Vista’s marching band has entered the stadium are filling into their designated section.

7:10pm – Mountain Vista’s student section cheers for the Varsity Football Team as they head to the locker room before the game.

7:05pm – Mountain Vista is currently practicing their defensive and offensive plays.

7:01pm – Mountain Vista will have to contain RB (running back) JT Erickson of Poudre High School tonight. He scored 18 points against Douglas County last Friday and rushed for 100 yards.

6:55pm – Mountain Vista is sporting their green uniforms for tonight’s game.

6:53pm – Stands are starting to fill slowly. More parents than students have come into the stadium so far. Countdown to kickoff is 37 minutes.

6:47pm – “Mosh” by Eminem is playing on the loud speakers.

6:45pm – “{Campbell] was more potentially elevated in the competition [for quarterback]” Head Coach Ric Cash said.

6:43pm – Vista has just come out on the field to begin their warm-up routine on the south side of the field.

6:40pm – Campbell Lancaster, 11, will be tonight’s starting QB (quarterback) over Caden Wetzel, 12. Caden will be Vista’s starting S (safety).

6:34pm – The current temperature here at Shea Stadium is 75°F. Pregame warm ups have not begun yet for either team.

6:30pm – The Poudre High School Impalas come into tonight’s game with a 48-6 win over Douglas County last Friday.

6:22pm – Welcome to tonight’s live blog! Mountain Vista Media will be covering the first home game for Mountain Vista Football. We will be providing you photos and details of tonight’s game. Please follow Vista Now on Twitter and Instagram for more coverage of tonight’s game. If you want to see threads of our coverage, please, use the hashtags #MVvsPoudre and #MVFootball.