An Unlikely President For Interact Club



As a sophomore, Bradley Bishop, would be an unlikely candidate for the president of Interact Club, but Bishop pushes the boundaries of what is considered normal by taking the role as the leader of the club.


He has been in interact club since seventh grade, and enjoys helping all sorts of people, and the sense of fulfillment it gives him. “I have always loved being in interact,” Bishop said. “[When the previous presidents went off to college] I saw the perfect opportunity to be able to step up and lead.”


While being the president of Interact was a rewarding experience, it had also been a learning curve. “[This experience] has showed me that being a leader takes a lot more responsibility than anything i have ever done before,” Bishop said.
Even with the learning curve, other members of Interact say that Bishop has done a great job stepping up to keep everyone organized and informed. “He is a great president,” vice president Tessa Murphy, 10, said. “I think he is very trustworthy and dependable.”


Photo By Emma Friesen