MV E-Sports



Freshmen Lake Valente and Leo Weiser have recently started the club E-Sports. This club engages in online sports games every Monday.

So far, the club only has about four members, but Valente and Weiser hope that these numbers will grow.

“It’s fun, but hard to manage,” Valente said.

Sometimes, the club does not have the materials or ideal amount of people to play games. When this happens, they enjoy watching YouTube videos and hanging out.

“It is a place I can spend an hour or two with my friends, playing games,” Weiser said.

The environment is relaxed, yet the room is filled with continuous laughter.

Although they rarely get to play games, these two look forward to the club every week because it is convenient and fun. “It’s like hanging out at home, but we don’t have to drive to each other’s houses,” Valente said.

School can be filled with stress and boredom, but this club makes it a little more enjoyable.
Valente and Weiser encourage anyone who is interested in online sports games, or just having a good time, to join them in L414 every Monday from 3:00-5:00 pm.