Womens Swim and Dive Takes Down ThunderRidge


The final duel swim meet of the women’s swim and dive season was against ThunderRidge High School, Vista’s biggest rivals.

At the meet, taking place at Northridge Rec Center on Jan. 19, the swim and dive team was able to successfully beat ThunderRidge, for the third year in a row. The score was 175-111 in varsity and a score of 144-111 in JV.

“The meet went very well,” head coach Rob Nasser said. “The focus for the whole team was winning the meet and everyone did what needed to be done to make that happen.”

Beating ThunderRidge was important to the team, but there were other incentives. Coach Rob Nasser promised the team milkshakes at their team fundraiser for winning the meet.

Of course with any athletic performance, there is always room for improvement.

“Our times weren’t as fast as I would have liked,” Nasser said. “But with our focus being on our league and state meets, it’s not as critical right now.”

In the upcoming weeks, the team plans on starting a taper period, taking it easy to prepare for their league and state meets.

“We could have all improved our technique and times, but we won so obviously we did good,” said sophomore Riley Davis. “The team performed well during the meet, but my favorite part was the celebration after. Our coach bought us milkshakes.”

Photos by Conner Davis