Possible Measles Exposure in Denver Area



The health department warns variety of areas in Denver of a possible measles outbreak. Thousands could have been affected around Dec. 21.

A warning has been sent out regarding an individual affected by this virus. The person traveled internationally and has visited several businesses when they came back into the state.

Locations include Denver, Aurora, Englewood, Centennial and Boulder County.

The patient has been hospitalized at Parker Adventist Hospital. Health department staff members are currently tracing their steps and contacting individuals who were in close proximity of the unvaccinated patient.

The health department warns that measles are highly contagious and a danger to young children. Serious complications can occur to those who have weak immune systems. Symptoms usually appear after ten to 14 days after exposure. A person with measles may have symptoms such as fatigue, skin rash, loss of appetite or headaches.

“No students or staffs are affected by the virus, ” Julie Marrinson, the Mountain Vista health assistant, said.

To avoid this infection, a vaccine is recommended.