Foreign Exchange



Living in America, people don’t think much about how our society impacts us. For foreign exchange student Alex Sedláková, America was a place that brought change for the better.

Alex arrived in America in August, and says that she was stressed that she would be an outsider and that no one would talk to her. America turned out to be something great.

“I think I changed a lot in America”, Sedláková said. “ I’m sure it was for the better.”

As expected, there were the inevitable challenges that came with being a student in a foreign country.

“I never knew how to react [in certain situations] or what to do sometimes because I was scared that people would think I was a creepy Slovakian,” Sedláková said.

She was able to overcome these obstacles and make being in America a great experience.

Living in America not only changed her personality for the better, but it changed her perspective for the future. Instead of dreaming about becoming a rock star, as she did previously, she’s changed her aspirations to become a journalist in America. It was something that had never crossed her mind until she gained the experience that MV Media offered her because the class opened her mind to more possibilities.

Coming to America and trying new things was a beneficial experience for Sedláková because it allowed her to focus on learning who she was and what she wanted to become.

“I actually care about [bettering] myself because I had never realized how important it was and now I do. The American experience opened my eyes [to new possibilities],” Sedláková said. “I can be more assertive and I can express myself now.”