Littleton Life Center




In an epicenter for wealth and surplus, it is difficult to believe in the extreme poverty and hunger that occurs less than ten miles down the street from Mountain Vista High School. From children who haven’t eaten in two days, to masses of homeless visitors, the Littleton Life Center is using all of it’s resources to “Transform Communities Period.”

Based out of Mission Hills Community Church, the Life Center began the undertaking of changing the surrounding neighborhood through their food bank with determination and vigor. Between the dedicated volunteers and the masses of food that are donated each week through the Food Bank of the Rockies, the food distribution center has been largely successful.

Rows and racks of every type of food imaginable cover the ways of the walk-in pantry where all of the food is stored. Creating a “grocery store” setup, each client has the opportunity to take a product from each category, which ranges from fruits and vegetables to desserts to baby formula.