Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour Takes Denver

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There’s no doubt that Taylor Swift is known as an icon around the world. Sophomore Bryn Tillman went to the 1989 World Tour and has previously been to other of Swift’s concerts. “I have seen her before and she’s so inspiring and happy,” Tillman said. “She [always] puts on a huge show.”

Singing almost all of her 1989 songs with a few older ones, Swift also took a moment for inspiration. “I loved how she just talked to us for 10 minutes about not having to be perfect,” Tillman said.

Moved by the creative aspect of the concert, Tillman enjoyed walking into the stadium to find a bracelet taped to her seat. “ The bracelets were so cool,” she said, “They lit up the whole stadium and afterwards I would move my hand and it would light up.” With a unique way to include the audience, Swift also performed a mash-up of two songs. “I loved the Enchanted and Wildest Dreams mashup,” Tillman said, “It was so pretty.”

Entering the stage on a seashell piano in a gorgeous gold dress, Swift pleased the audience with her angelic voice as well as unique backgrounds. Swift had some hot backup dancers and insane costume changes, and she was also able to maneuver around the stadium in a mobile stage with the purpose of being closer to everyone who attended the concert.

With a recommendation to see Taylor Swift in concert, Tillman still raves about the incredible Taylor Swift. “ I worship Taylor Swift.” Tillman said. 1989 so far has been the most successful concerts to pass through Denver and was the experience of a lifetime.