Backlash after Trump’s Inauguration



Friday Jan. 20 Americans all over the country witnessed the inauguration of the 45 president of the United States, Donald Trump. Throughout last year’s election campaign, many people argued that the United States was more polarized than it has been in a long time, with most people very passionate about either Trump or Hillary.

This separation of the American people came to a head during Trump’s Inauguration on Friday. Hashtags such as #RefuseFascism, #TheResistance, #ResistFromDay1, #OccupyInauguration, #Unauguration and #NotMyPresident have been trending on Twitter as people express their outrage about the new president of the United States.


In addition to fighting back through social media, people have been protesting by marching the streets of D.C. with posters such as the one above. Said posters ranged from hateful comments about Trump including the hashtags aforementioned, to signs supporting equality for minorities, immigrants, the LGBT community and women. Women, specifically, took to the streets of cities around the world on Saturday Jan. 21 to make their voices heard about their rights and what they expect from Trump throughout his presidency.

As these protests through social media and on the streets continue, the question remains, how will Trump react to this criticism throughout his presidency?