Opinion: Election 2016

Opinion: Election 2016


The reality is starting to kick in. Some people still can’t fathom the fact that Donald Trump will be our president for the next four years. We have elected a xenophobic, racist and sexist president who bragged about raping women. Terrific.

This fact has caused many people, including myself to get sick to their stomach. I literally cried on the first day after Trump got elected, because of the hardships and ridicule that so many families will face because of his presidency. Hate crime rates have gone up, Muslim and Hispanic families fear of being deported, and Muslims fear for their safety. A Muslim man got robbed by Trump supporters and some Muslim women are afraid to wear their hijabs because they are afraid of being ridiculed.

However, I must admit that Hillary Clinton is not so great either. She and imgres-2her husband are involved in so many scandals, such as the Clinton Foundation scandal, in which wikileaks proved that the Clintons used some of the foundation’s charity money for their own profit, while giving most of the money to their big money donors. Both Clintons used their works in public office for their own profit, as they delivered speech after speech to big lobbyists for hundreds of thousands of dollars each, all while advocating for policies to the benefit of Wall Street lobbyists. These include wall street deregulation and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was to the liking of many big Canadian and American firms and companies, such as the Jim Pattison Group, which paid Bill Clinton $150,000 for his speech on the passing of NAFTA. And who can forget about the e-mail server which revealed Hillary Clinton’s fraudulent character.  

More evidence supporting Clinton’s corruption is in the wikileaks purge of various DNC emails. Wikileaks proved that the DNC was bias in the favor of Clinton, and that they heavily favored Clinton to win the nomination, and tried to undermine Sanders along the entire democratic campaign. There have also been many allegations of voter suppression towards Sanders supporters during the democratic primary. We have no reason to not assume that the democratic primaries were rigged in the favor of Clinton.

Who can say that Donald Trump isn’t corrupt either? He hasn’t paid a penny in income tax, he was involved in the fraud of Trump University, and he filled 6 bankruptcies for his casinos on Atlantic Avenue which cost the jobs of hundreds of people who worked for him. These incidents prove that he is also very fraudulent character. Trump said that he was “very primgres-1o choice” regarding abortion in 1999, and suddenly he is very pro-life now. He also once said that Hillary Clinton as secretary of state went “above and beyond most people”, then on the campaign trail he promoted chants of “lock her up!”

If I could vote, I would not have voted for either candidate. I could not vote for a racist, sexist, xenophobic man who ripped off and took advantage of people to gain profit, nor could I vote for a corrupt establishment politician who very well might not have been the fair democratic presidential candidate. Working class people are very aware of Clinton’s establishment ties. They are sick and tired of establishment politics and the fact that Clinton got the nomination in such a one-sided fashion, so they voted for Donald Trump, the “anti-establishment candidate.” I know that Trump’s whole slogan was anti-establishment and anti bad trade deals like NAFTA and TPP. I agree with him on those terms but it is pretty clear that Trump is not a true anti-establishment candidate.

What I believe people need to do and will do is abandon the two major parties and vote for a third party. Millions of people now know about the corruption of both parties and the power of money in politics due to Bernie Sanders’ rags to riches campaign. I believe that after these four  years of Trump’s term, people will be exhausted with the two party system and establishment and vote for a third party candidate. I really believe that people will either vote for the green party or create a new party which I am going to name for the purpose of this editorial the “people’s party”. The reason I think they will move to the left is because people are tired of working long hours for low wages, and the rich getting richer, with many families struggling to support themselves. That is a root problem in the United States that needs to be solved. They are tired of corporations influencing politics to make policies that benefit them, and not everyone else. They are tired of the secrecy and deception of the establishment. When you think of America, the first phrase that comes to your mind is the American dream right? Well, for me unfortunately, it is, “Follow the money.” That is a fundamental truth about America today.



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