New Opportunities for Science Lovers at Vista

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TSA at Mountain Vista is a great opportunity for students to explore science and create things, but for sophomores Ryder Strauss and Sam Allen, there was something missing. These two individuals have been making efforts to create a brand new club at Vista, the Science Olympiad. Sponsored by physics teacher Mr. McConnell, this club will hopefully be meeting every other Tuesday at L417 from 3-5 p.m, starting Sept. 3.

Strauss and Allen started the club after being in McConnell’s Foundations of Physics class for their freshman year. They liked to spend a lot of time in the teacher’s classroom, along with other students, exploring youtube videos and experiments having to do with science. “Mr. McConnell is a great teacher to spend time and do sciency things with,” Strauss said, “He’s enthusiastic about everything we do and willing to try new experiments and just have fun.”

The Science Olympiad is accepting of anyone who would like to join, as long as you have a passion for science. The club will be performing different experiments, building objects, and participating in different competitions held around the area. All the students need to begin is approval from administration to become an officially recognized club at Vista.

If you are interested in joining the Science Olympiad, either contact Mr. McConnell in L417 or sophomores Ryder Strauss and Sam Allen. You can also just show up to the first meeting after school on Sept. 3 in McConnell’s room. Be prepared to have fun and do some amazing things with science!