If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going!


Andrew Marsh , Editor

Airplanes. Everyone from high to low within the skies. Thousands of aircraft types have been made over a 100 year stretch of aviation knowledge, but which airplane is the best?

The Boeing classic 737-800 commercial aircraft was first released in 1994; the 737-800 had almost 5,000 aircraft ordered. It’s no secret that almost every airline loves the famous -800. Now, why the -800 variant? This is the best variant because of the middle-of-the-line capacity of its brothers, the -700 and -900 when comparing a large number of statistics.

Now, how is this aircraft better than the A320? Well to start with, Airbus barely surpasses the units sold by only 366 units. But this is not a part of Airbus’s supremacy. 

         Rarely are thousands of aircraft ordered and used so much. The 738’s incredible 3000 nautical mile distance, is also one of its strong suits for fuel and cost for any airline, making it the optimal size for perfect travel. Even airlines like Southwest agree with me; using the 738 as their sole aircraft because of the efficiency serves as a huge plus for the aircraft.

 For the true feeling of how common and perfect this aircraft is, just book a flight from Denver to anywhere in the mainland United States and get a 737 to ride in! Even though the aircraft’s efficiency is lower than the newer “MAX” editions of the aircraft, it’s still a towering improvement over its competitor the A320. 

         You can read all the statistics about the aircraft, but the cabin is one of the best among short to medium distance aircraft. The A320 might have a larger cabin by seven inches, but most airlines using the 737 provide more than enough leg room for the accompanying flight. Don’t worry, though, as both aircraft are not going anywhere in the near future. The great thing about the rivalry is the push to advance both aircraft and companies in the future. 6

But there is one phrase I always go by: If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going!